By Matt Peterson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – After starting out the month of September on a nice cool Fall-like note, we had a dose of Summer time heat to start out the actual Fall Season for the just about the last week or so.

That is all coming to an end though. A potent cold front is going to move out of the Midwest and slowly work its way toward the Mid-Atlantic and across the Philly area.

We are likely to see the front start to push through the region as early as this evening with the main area moving through as we head into the overnight hours and possibly lasting until Thursday morning.

After the front rolls through high pressure will settle in allowing for sunny skies and cooler temperatures to take over the forecast into the start of next week. The higher humidity that we have seen for the last week or so at times is also going to be a thing of the past.

Credit: CBS3

A much drier air mass will move in with the high pressure meaning that dew points are likely to drop as low as the 40s at times. The reason for the drastic change is the air mass that will be settling over the region is more of a Polar air mass, meaning it tends to be a bit drier than the tropical air that was being filtered into the region on the back of the stronger upper level southerly winds. Dew points will dip from the 60s and near 70 today into the “Awesome” range by Thursday afternoon and should stay there throughout the weekend time frame. A quick look into the next seven days shows we even struggle to hit 70 degrees at times over the weekend.

It is the Fall season and we are now starting to turn cooler once again so doing some sight-seeing to check out the wonderful Fall Foliage is on the list for many people in the region. On average the best time to see the brightest and most vibrant colors in the immediate area will come toward the middle and end of October, but if you want an early dose of oranges and yellows and even some purples, head farther north into New England where we are already seeing some of the leaves turn.  This Fall is forecasted to be one of the better ones for Foliage compared to recently thanks to wet weather we had toward the end of the summer time.

Credit: CBS3

Have a great Wednesday!