By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–On a sunny afternoon on the edge of the Hudson River in New York the USS Intrepid, an Essex class aircraft carrier built for the Navy in WWII, was once more filled with heroes.

For inside the belly of this massive vessel, the veterans were honored with a special private screening of CBS’s brand new show “SEAL Team.”

The powerful military drama stars David Boreanaz, a famous Philadelphian who has a Philly famous dad to lean on for inspiration.


“This is a special place and we’re so pleased to be here as a family,” said legendary TV news weatherman Dave Roberts, who served in the military.

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And on the flight deck, where military planes were glazed with sun like trophies in a case, an emotional Boreanaz, who plays SEAL team leader Jason Hayes, stands next to his father talking to CBS3’s Vittoria Woodill about the truths the show aims to uncover about the difficulties for real-life SEAL team members transitioning between a life of war to life at home.

mg 2325 Phillys David Boreanaz Talks SEAL Team, Inspiration From Father TV Legend Dave Roberts

Philly’s David Boreanaz gets candid about new CBS show “SEAL Team” and how he leans on his famous dad Dave Roberts for inspiration. (Photo/ CBS3)

“The people I’ve met on this show who have graced me with their stories just make you very humble,” said Boreanaz.

But the most touching part of our interview was a surprise mission by David to honor his dad.

“So I just have one small little token I want to give my dad, it’s from CBS studios 2017, that’s our official team squadron SEAL team, and I want to give this to you as a remembrance of you being my dad, always being there for me, and I love you ,” said Boreanaz as he awarded his father.