3pm- Sen. John McCain announced that he will vote against the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill. Without McCain’s support, it is unlikely the bill has the 50 votes necessary to pass in the Senate. 

3:35pm- Donald Trump’s executive order halting the immigration from several nations will expire on Sunday. A new executive order is expected to temporarily extend the ban.

3:45pm- Jimmy Kimmel continues to use his late night show to attack the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill. 

3:55pm- Mel Brooks stated that political correctness is killing comedy and that it is unlikely a film like Blazing Saddles could be made today. 

4:05pm- Following complaints from customers, General Mills has decided to once again use artificial flavors for Trix cereal.

4:20pm- Julie Kelly, journalist at National Review, joins the show to discuss her new article, “Why That $3 Organic Apple May Not Be Organic After All.”

5:35pm- While speaking in California, Sen. Bernie Sanders praised Sen. John McCain for not supporting the Graham-Cassidy bill. 

5:40pm- While appearing on The View, Anthony Scaramucci referred to Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon the two must unlikable people he was forced to work with in the White House.