By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Starting Oct. 1, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is implementing some enhancements to the special order program.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board spokeswoman Elizabeth Brassell says the effort is designed to improve accountability and accuracy of orders. Licensees will need to pay up front when the special order is made. The PLCB will facilitate the sale.

“It will ensure that when the licensee comes to pick the order in the store that that order is what the licensee is expecting,” said Brassell.

Michael McCaulley co-owner and wine curator at Tria restaurants said, “This is just a surprise, we have three restaurants, we have to have $15,000 to front this first order… We are going to have to outlay the cash, we are going to have to go through the inconvenience of confirming every order online and having multiple credit card payments.”

Many area restaurateurs are hoping the PLCB will allow direct shipping like in other states one day, to be able to save thousands of dollars in delivery costs per year.