By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Mercy Hospital in West Philadelphia marked its 100th anniversary on Thursday with the placement of a new time capsule in a cornerstone adjacent to the front doors.

Susan Cusack, the hospital’s executive director, says a lot of preparation went into gathering items from hospital staff for the new time capsule.

untitled76 Mercy Hospital Plants New Time Capsule To Mark 100th Anniversary

Susan Cusack. executive director of Mercy Hospital in West Philadelphia, stands with the new time capsule placed Thursday to mark the 100th anniversary of the institution. (credit: Mark Abrams)

“We have a hundredth anniversary pin, some people put that in there. Some people put a stethoscope,” she says. “Our pharmacy put a glass pestle and mortar in there. I put in the History of Mercy book that we put together for this year.

“We also have a book that everybody has been signing for the last week or two to talk about how they feel about being part of Mercy.”

The hospital displayed several items from the first time capsule laid in a cornerstone in 1916.

untitled77 Mercy Hospital Plants New Time Capsule To Mark 100th Anniversary

(credit: Mark Abrams)

Cusack says among the pieces on view during Thursday’s ceremonies – religious medals, coins, and a newspaper damaged when the original Mason jar in which all the items were placed shattered sometime during the 100 years.