By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — released their “future” NBA power rankings, listing where the teams stand from No. 1 to No. 30 over the next three seasons.

Only five NBA teams came in above the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Each team received a future power grade of 0-100 based on five categories. The Sixers were given a total score of 57.5, good enough to be slotted into the No. 6 slot on these “future” NBA power rankings and one spot ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Sixers ranked 4th in money and draft, 12th in players, 17th in market, and 19th in management.

“If those young standouts stay healthy and develop as expected, the Sixers will have the star talent necessary to compete for a championship,”’s Kevin Pelton wrote.

With Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, J.J. Redick, Robert Covington, and Dario Saric the Sixers have put together a core that only health could derail.

The Timberwolves, Spurs, Rockets, Celtics, and Warriors — in descending order — make up the top five.