3pm- According to reports, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to hold a Senate vote on the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill. It’s not certain whether or not the proposed bill will have the 50 votes necessary to pass.

3:10pm- Governors Chris Christie and John Kasich have come out against the proposed Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Reform Bill.

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3:35pm- While appearing on All In with Chris Hayes, Sen. Corey Booker stated that the Graham-Cassidy Bill has placed the nation’s healthcare in peril. 

3:45pm- Following a state budget fight, Pennsylvania’s credit rating has been downgraded by Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings. 

4:25pm- While on The Late Show, Hillary Clinton referred to herself as “Paula Revere” warning American’s about Russia. 

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4:30pm- Democrat National Committee Vice Chairman Rep. Keith Ellison compared the deportation of illegal immigrants to the Holocaust. 

4:35pm- While delivering a eulogy at comedian Dick Gregory’s funeral, Rep. Maxine Waters called for the impeachment of Donald Trump. 

4:50pm- Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price has taken heat for choosing to fly in private jets instead of taking commercial flights. 

5:20pm- Vandals defaced a monument honoring Francis Scott Key, the author of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

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