By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–If you’re a Godfather fan, you know the saying: “It’s not personal, it’s business.”

But, with social media, the line between our personal and professional lives continues to blur.

“I, for one, try to keep them separate,” said Paul Staunton of Fishtown.

“I don’t go to work to make friends. I go to work to get the job done,” added Sharon Dhurieaux of South Jersey.

Not everyone agrees. New research reveals 71% think it’s appropriate to friend co-workers on Facebook.

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The same survey, which polled 1,300 American workers, showed people were less likely to accept professional follows on Twitter. Only 6 out of 10 said it was appropriate.

On Instagram, even less. Just over half felt comfortable.

Snapchat was the least workplace-friendly, with just  44% saying it was appropriate.

“I would definitely never add a co-worker,” said Camille of New York.

“I don’t even know how to work it,” said Dhurieaux.

And while males and younger employees were more likely to approve requests, it can be difficult to decide.

“I think it’s ok to connect with colleagues,” said social media expert Annie Heckenberger, who is also the Vice President of Social at Digitas Health.

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She says social networking can strengthen workplace bonds, but encourages folks to think before they accept.

“I would consider if I’m comfortable connecting with that person and consider the type of content I tended to share on that platform,” said Heckenberger.

She warns against being overly provocative, expressing polarizing opinions and using offensive language.

“It’s a great way to put yourself out there in a positive light,” said Renee Berry of Philadelphia.

“I think you just have to draw that line and not accept the request,” countered Staunton.