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By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The company that revolutionized the thermostat wants to do the same for your doorbell.

Nest is not the first to make an Internet-connected doorbell with built-in camera (see Ring, SkyBell, Aleko, Greet, etc.), but…

“This is the first video doorbell that can do both person detection and facial recognition,” said Nest’s Michele Turner.

So why might we need this product called Hello?

“If you’re in a meeting, and that package you’ve been waiting for all week, you obviously can get a notification that it’s being delivered, but you can’t be disturbed,” Turner said. “You can discreetly tap on your quick response, and it will tell the driver what to do.”

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Or, you can speak with guests while seeing them on your phone or computer — whether you’re in your house or far away.

“You’re going to get a clear picture,” Turner said, “not a warped fisheye view.”

Like its competitors, Nest offers round-the-clock video recording for a fee.

There’s no price yet for Hello. It’s expected out early next year.

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