By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The song asks “Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.” Here in Philadelphia, my eyes turn to another Joe. Joe DeFelice, who formally headed the Philadelphia Republican Party, has left to work in the Trump Administration and the Republican Party is back to rolling over for the Democratic Party.

I realize things are difficult for Republicans in Philadelphia. A study out last week said that independents and third-party voters for the first time outnumber registered Republicans. My contention is in large measure this is because the party stands for almost nothing. Since DeFelice has left, this is painfully apparent.

This past week I talked about Larry Krasner, the Democratic candidate for district attorney in Philadelphia, saying he was completely behind setting up so called safe injection sites in Philadelphia where addicts go to inject drugs and be aided by medical personnel if they overdose. Krasner is a radical and as anti-cop as any public figure in America. He is also heavily backed financially by George Soros. So even though these ejection sites would be illegal. It’s no surprise that Krasner would support this horrible policy.

However, it surprised me that Beth Grossman, the Republican candidate for district attorney, would essentially support the same policy. Grossman called my show and essentially supported the sites if in some way she believed the surrounding community would be ok with it. This was a tough conservation because I think Grossman is wrong on the policy and appears to be clueless on the idea that the only way she can beat Krasner is by dramatically showing how she would stand for the rule of law and victims in Philadelphia.

Remember the big picture. A weak GOP in Philadelphia means a weaker GOP in Pennsylvania. Winning Pennsylvania is the key to the White House.

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