ASTON, Pa. (CBS) — A series of fights between students breaks out on and near the campus of a Delaware County high school.

Administrators say things took a turn for the worse when a parent got involved.

A brawl broke out at Sun Valley High School on Thursday that was recorded by students.

The video shows the fight started with punches between two teenagers, but then continues with a mother getting involved.

“It’s very sad and disappointing. Fights happen at school all the time, for years, but when parents get involved it’s disappointing,” said parent Debbie Kester.

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“I have been the superintendent here for now 10 years, so it’s about 1,800 student days. This is the first time I had an adult come back in and to confront a kid,” said Penn-Delco School District Superintendent George Steinhoff.

The district says the mother, seen in the video wearing a bright pink shirt, allegedly instigated the fight after her son was involved in an altercation earlier in the day.

Sun Valley High School Principal Patrick Sasse immediately addressed the incident with the mother and the parents of the other student seen slamming her son.

“Both parties were somewhat pleased with the results and understood the result, so it was really puzzling why she would come back to campus,” said Sasse.

The school says the mother didn’t just come back alone, but with older kids from a different school.

This is part of what caused all of this, and then a third fight off of school property.

“It was unfortunate to us because we need adults to be adults,” said Steinhoff.

“Yesterday was not really about our students, but about an adult making a really poor choice coming back to our campus uninvited,” said Sasse. “With those things in mind we want to make sure that our students understand that too, that we got their back, that we support them, but they have to make the right decisions.”

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The school says the students involved in the fights are facing disciplinary actions.

Aston police say the mother is facing several charges, including harassment, trespassing, disorderly conduct and simple assault.

The district wants the mother prosecuted to the fullest extent.

The superintendent says that’s something he plans on seeing through, to make sure people known they can’t come on school property and do something like this again.