3pm- According to reports, Donald Trump and Democrat leaders have moved closer to reaching a bipartisan agreement on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

3:50pm- While standing next to Sen. Marco Rubio, Donald Trump stated that he hoped Florida Governor Rick Scott would run for Senate.

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4:05pm- During an interview on CNN, Rep. Steve King stated that Trump’s base may leave the president if DACA isn’t handled properly.

4:25pm- While appearing on CNN’s New Day, Sen. Marco Rubio said he never thought Trump was “gung ho” when it came to the deportation of DREAMers. 

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4:35pm- During an interview with Dana Bash, Sen. Ted Cruz addressed a mishap in which someone on his staff accidentally “liked” a pornographic post while using the Senator’s twitter page. 

4:50pm- Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price joins the show to discuss his upcoming visit to Philadelphia and the country’s ongoing battle against opioid addiction.

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5:50pm- While appearing on Kimmel, Sean Spicer commented on his complex relationship with Anthony Scaramucci.