By Alexandria Hoff

COLWYN, Pa. (CBS)–A small building in Colwyn took center stage at a borough meeting that got testy on Thursday night. Members of a youth football team marched into the meeting demanding answers, wanting to know why they’re locked out of the building and have to practice in the dark.

The Colwyn Borough has a history of council meetings that escalate rather quickly, this one was no exception.

The meeting comes as the Comets Youth Football team parents grow frustrated due to a lack of lighting on their field.

On Tuesday night, CBS3 found the youth football team practicing in the dark, lit only by their parents’ headlights.

According to the team’s coach, Terrell Ried, the borough had changed the locks on their field house–despite a five-year lease–making the team unable to access the lights or use the facilities.

Coach: Delaware County Youth Football Team Practices In Dark Because Borough Won’t Turn On Lights

By Wednesday afternoon, the lights came on for the kids, but only after CBS3 paid a visit to the borough.

On Thursday, dozen attended the council meeting to demand answers.

City Council said the facility was shut down due to a pipe leak, adding that they have been working to bring it up to code. Council members denied any changing of locks.

As the debate went on the meeting was suddenly adjourned.

“There’s nothing to be satisfied about, we were shut out completely, they adjourned the meeting,” said Coach Ried.

A borough member tells CBS3 that they expect the work on the field house to be done by the end of the month.

“It’s code, it’s not about locking them out, kicking them out, it’s about having the building safe for all who use it,” the official said.

The Comets have their first game of the season at home this weekend.