3pm- According to reports, Donald Trump will be having dinner with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer this evening. 

3:20pm- According to Breitbart News, while attending a private dinner, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stated that there is no chance at ever passing legislation to begin construction of a wall that stretches across the southern border. 

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3:40pm- A Scottish man is being charged with hate speech after posting a video featuring his dog saluting Adolf Hitler.

4pm- Alabama Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore stated that he would like to see a national vote that would allow a gun owner’s rights to be extended to all 50 states. 

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5:20pm- Rep. Nancy Pelosi compared the DREAMers current situation to the suffering Japanese Americans went through during WWII. 

5:25pm- Earlier today, while appearing on The View, Hillary Clinton blamed her election loss on Bernie Sanders, called Trump a stalker, and gave free copies of her book to the audience. Meanwhile, host Joy Behar claimed to have gone into mourning after Trump’s victory.

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