HAZLETON, Pa. (AP) — Two Pennsylvania constables have been charged with abusing their power by arresting women they found attractive, then making sexually suggestive comments as the women sat handcuffed in the constables” car.

Attorneys for constables David Kneller and John Sarge didn’t immediately comment Wednesday on the charges filed by Hazleton police.

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The incidents took place in April and the charges, including harassment and official oppression — the unlawful use of police power — were filed in June.

Police say Sarge told Kneller he’d have a heart attack if left alone to watch two handcuffed women while Kneller went to arrest a third, prompting Kneller to respond with something like “Bowchicawow” — which police and the women took to be sexually suggestive.

Kneller also reportedly called one of the women 10 times in two days to inquire about her criminal case.

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