By Joseph Santoliquito

Malcolm Jenkins is a Super Bowl champion and veteran NFL safety. He sits down with CBS Philly’s Joe Santoliquito every week. All of Jenkins’ Post Snap interviews are archived at

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Malcolm Jenkins was somewhat pleased with the Eagles’ 30-17 season-opening victory at Washington. It was a nice way to start the season, but Jenkins’ perspective is a little larger than just one game. If the Eagles have plans on moving forward, they’ll need to sure up some things. Jenkins provides an inside view of how fortunate the Eagles were on Sunday—and why they can’t afford to repeat mistakes against the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday.

“I liked how our offense put up points early and our defensive line got pressure all day [against Washington],” Jenkins said. “We got pressure from our secondary and our linebackers, and I thought we tackled well, except for that touchdown [Chris Thompson’s 29-yard, second-quarter touchdown reception]. The defense took the ball away. It wasn’t a perfect game, but a game we battled and we finished.

“There were a lot of likes, but when you go back on Monday and see that there are a lot of things that we still need to improve on. There were a lot of mistakes, but a win is a win.”

Jenkins said some issues on the back end need to be tightened from a communication standpoint. There were a few plays against Washington were the Eagles got off the hook.

“The one play where Terrell Pryor dropped the ball on the back end, and that really wasn’t a fault of anyone’s, it was one of those things that exposed us, so we have to get that corrected,” Jenkins said. “There were a few other opportunities that were there that if they could have executed that might have hurt us. So it was small things here and there.

“There was that special teams penalty at the end of the game that you can’t have when you’re trying to win a game. It was small things there that you want to take care of moving forward.”

Jenkins likes this team.

“I don’t know what it is, but this team seems different than past teams here,” Jenkins said. “There is confidence, humility, competition at every position and a desire to get better. That’s a good feeling to be around. It’s not like we’re banking on one or two guys to carry us. It’s everyone contributing. Everyone feels their role matters, and that’s the mark of a good team.”

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