By Ukee Washington

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some Chester County preschoolers and kindergartners are helping a flooded Houston school get back on track. They understand what kids need.

The preschoolers at Assumption Academy in Strafford might not know everything about hurricanes, but they know the important stuff.

“It breaks up a lot of people’s houses and schools and buildings,” said 4-year-old Max Manley.

They learned that when Harvey blew in and rained on Houston, some classrooms got damaged.

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“It got all ruined,” said 4-year-old Caroline Kelly.

“Some things flew away, like school supplies,” said 5-year-old Dillon Havey.

But help is on the way. Thanks to principal Patricia Welsh and the power of Facebook, Assumption Academy partnered with an elementary school in the Houston Independent School District to collect school supplies. That school, Braeburn Elementary, got flooded and needs to start over, the principal explained.

“We are talking to them about, children can help children. Just because we are little doesn’t mean we can’t do big things,” Patricia said.

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She says her 120 students have been eagerly collecting the essentials: “Colored pencils, glue sticks, and all the stuff,” Caroline said. The drive just started and the first bin is already full.

“We’re going to send supplies as we get them,” Patricia said. “Each week we’re going to send a box.

If people would like to contribute financially to defray the cost of shipping of any of the materials we collect, that would be fantastic.”

This tangible task helps them picture how people can help after a hurricane.

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“It feels like work and wonderful,” Max said.

The Houston Independent School District says Braeburn is too damaged to reopen without a lot of repair. So the school will move to an unused high school building and start classes again Monday.

Ukee Washington