By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Leaders from the states bordering the Delaware River have taken the first step towards drafting rules that could permanently ban fracking in the Delaware River Basin.

The commission voted three to one to start the process of drafting rules. Yes votes from Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. New Jersey abstained, and the federal government voted no.

Delaware River Basin Commission director Steven Tambini stresses this vote is simply to begin drafting rules with a Nov. 30 deadline.

“We’ve seen plenty of comments what people think the rules are going to say, we don’t know what the rules are going to say yet so let’s take it easy there.”

Despite that request, Tracy Carluccio of the Delaware River Keeper Network.

“Your attempt with the adopted fracking resolution to cut the baby in half like Solomon did is well established to end in disaster.”

Tambini says the final rules would not be voted on until well into next year.

The Pennsylvania chapter of the Marcellus shale coalition says with the ban Delaware River Basin fracking ban has already cost Pennsylvania billions of dollars of private capital investment, and mineral rights owners millions of dollars in lease and royalty payments.