HARRISBURG (CBS) — An anticipated vote on a no-tax plan to pay for Pennsylvania’s budget plan was a no go in the state House Tuesday.

A group of House Republican members informally known as the “Taxpayer Caucus” propose to use what they say are surpluses in special funds.

A Tuesday vote was planned. But Republican Dave Reed, the House majority leader, says the vote is on hold to allow time for “a few more details” to be worked out on a revenue plan.

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Reed was not entirely clear on whether the plan being tweaked was the “Taxpayer Caucus” proposal as put forth last week. But he did say:

“I think that the general premise of not using taxing and borrowing as our first and last opportunity to balance this budget is a theme that our caucus is pretty united on,” he said.

Meanwhile, the state treasurer and auditor general sent a letter to legislative leaders Tuesday again warning of possible “fiscal disruption” by week’s end.