By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A group of volunteers left center city Philadelphia for Florida Tuesday morning as the Salvation Army of Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware’s Emergency Disaster Services continues to help provide relief in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

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The crew of 11 packed into four mobile feeding units shortly after 9 a.m. en route to Southern Florida where they will offer support to other Salvation Army crews that are already on site. Bob Meyers is leading the crew, and he says the trucks are packed with what you might expect in this type of situation.

“It’s mostly food supply stock, bottled water, things along those lines. Our focus typically in incidents like this is feeding in the first couple of days following a storm. So these crews will be heading down to help with that particular mission,” said Meyers.

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But Meyers says sometimes being emotional support for the disaster victims can be just as important.

“Even if it’s just a listening ear for folks that have been impacted by this crisis, that plays an important step in allowing folks to help to, if nothing else, mentally get back on the road to recovery a little bit quicker,” said Meyers.

Meyers says the Salvation Army is always accepting donations of all kinds, but right now monetary donations are the biggest help because it allows them to put the resources towards what’s needed the most.