By Cleve Bryan

OCEAN CITY, NJ — Beach erosion is now a concern at the Jersey Shore following Hurricane Irma.

It was a surfer’s paradise in Ocean City Tuesday as Hurricanes Irma and Jose sent waves up the East Coast.

“You can tell it’s hurricane swell because it’s pretty inconsistent and the lines are very long and wide,” says local surfer Willy Fannon.

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Light wind and long lines allowed surfers to show off their moves, but the storms also send dangerous rip currents and storm surge to the dunes.

While not as damaging as a Nor’easter, these waves are one more strike against the city’s northern beaches which could be getting replenishment as soon as October.

One town north, Longport is last in line for the large-scale Absecon Island dune construction project that got delayed this summer in part because of a legal battle in Margate.

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Longport Mayor Nick Russo says thankfully these large waves are coming from the south so it’s the seawall and not the thin beaches taking the direct hit.

”We’re not very happy with what we’re hearing coming up with the next hurricane, that could take a direction toward the East Coast and we want to be prepared,” says Russo.

The waves this week show off protective power of the city’s newly fortified sea wall that added elephant-size rocks on top of the current structure.