By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Immigration advocates have launched a new fund at the Philadelphia Foundation to help soften the blow of the DACA repeal announced by federal officials last week.

The Dreamer Initiative will cover the $495 fee the government charges for permits that allow immigrants, brought here illegally as children, to work or attend school.

The DACA repeal allows for one last two-year renewal period, but the deadline is October 5th and Carla, who is among those affected, says it’s not easy for most Dreamers to come up with that amount of money that fast.

“A lot of us are students and we have to pay for books and supplies, and that’s a lot of money, but on top of that there are people who are their family’s financial support,” Carla said.

Congressman Bob Brady says he’s hopeful about getting DACA into law but, in the meantime, he’ll be contributing to the fund.

“You know who Dreamers are? My doctor, who I like to say saved my life, is a Dreamer, we have first responders who gave up their life quite recently, our military who are out there every single day, and I will do everything in my power to make sure their dream comes true,” Brady said.

You can donate through the website