HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — The state House is expected to vote Tuesday on a controversial plan to balance the already enacted state budget without major tax hikes or borrowing.

The revenue proposal would use what backers say are surpluses in special funds that are not included in the state’s general fund budget.

After state House majority Republicans met behind closed doors for several hours Monday afternoon to discuss the plan, one of the architects, Dan Moul, said he believes there are enough votes to pass it.

“The general, overall consensus seems very positive. I think we will get the vote,” he said.

But Drew Crompton, current chief counsel to the Senate president, is skeptical that the plan can raise the kind of money its backers claim it will.

“It’s been said by an anonymous source – that wasn’t me – but it’s true: if there was this amount of money to be utilized, we would have used it,” he said.

Governor Wolf, who opposes the revenue plan, warns that the state will be starved for cash by the end of the week.