By Jim Melwert

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) –– On the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, officials in Delaware County marked the day by honoring first responders.

Paramedic Kelly McDonald EMT Brandon Smith were recognized for a fire rescue in Upland Borough last summer. The two were first on the scene with a woman trapped on the second floor of a burning building.

“Neighbors who witnessed the event later described the scene as the medics catching the victim in midair to keep her from slamming into the ground.”

McDonald says it’s humbling to be recognized on a day that means so much to first responders.

“To be honored on such an important day where people gave their lives doing what we did and what we do – there aren’t any words,” said McDonald.

Smith says 12 years later it’s important to remember everyone who died that day, especially the emergency crews.

“People made the ultimate sacrifice that day, they were just doing their jobs and people are still dying from it from cancer and stuff from it,” said Smith.

Sergeant Nick Maraini with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department was also recognized. Maraini suffered severe burns when someone threw a Molotov cocktail at him while he was serving a warrant last month.