By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A 1-0 start to the season has many Eagles’ fans flying high on cloud nine.

But some concerns came out of the team’s 30-17 victory against Washington as well.

This is Philadelphia sports we’re talking about so why not start with the negatives? Injuries seem to have fans a little worried in the early going, especially after starting cornerback Ron Darby got carted off the field.

“It is a concern, you lose a guy that’s quality like that,” says Steve Altamuro, who was cautiously optimistic after the Eagles beat the Redskins. “It was a tough win, you saw some flaws, but they came out and they persevered. It was a good win all in all.”

Altamuro even went as far as to call this game “must win.”

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OK let’s get to the positives…

“Wentz making some good moves and definitely our defense,” says Jennifer Guaglione. (WATCH: Wentz Hits Agholor For 58-Yard TD)

“They looked great on defense, offense, special teams, all three phases of the game they looked great,” adds Frank Cuculino. “Let’s keep it up.”

That won’t be easy. Most fans who spoke with KYW Newsradio are already looking ahead to the Eagles’ tough Week 2 matchup against Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs.

And then there’s Zack Lillie, who has his eyes even further than that.

“Feeling amazing and confident on a playoff run,” he said.