PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Philadelphia police say they’re looking for two suspects who viciously attacked a La Salle University student in a park just blocks from campus.

Just after midnight Friday, authorities say the young freshman was on her way to her dorm on campus and cut through the park.

She was on the phone with her boyfriend when she felt uneasy and told him to call police.

Next thing she knew two men grabbed her and dragged her to a wooded area near the park’s basketball courts.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross spoke to media Friday morning saying it’s a “horrible a case.”

“There is an allegation that some form of bleach substance was thrown in her face. They threw her to the ground, she was physically assaulted and possibly even sexually assaulted,” said Ross. “These are two violent predators we have to get off the street before they do this to someone else. You don’t do something this horrific and just stop there.”

“I live right across the park, so I normally cut through the park, but after a certain time I’m like, ‘Uh uh, got to go all the way around,’” said Denae Gregory, who lives in Olney.

People who live in the Olney section of the city say they know this park to be dangerous and are saddened the young freshman may have been too new to the area to know better.

Police say the young woman is out of the hospital, but Ross described the victim as “traumatized.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call police at 215-686-TIPS.