PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Six black Philadelphia police officers have filed complaints with a state anti-discrimination agency claiming their white supervisors are racist, corrupt and should be removed from their jobs.

A group that represents black Philadelphia police officers says the complaints against two narcotics bureau inspectors include allowing a worker to park his Confederate flag-decorated truck on city property, referring to black civilians as “scum” and calling black civilian killings “thinning the herd.”

Commissioner: Philadelphia Cop In Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting To Be Suspended, Dismissed

No evidence was offered at the Guardian Civic League’s news conference Wednesday night.

Group President Rochelle Bilal says the supervisors also encouraged falsification of documents and evidence related to arrests.

Attorney Brian Mildenberg says the officers are exploring whether to sue.

Philly FOP Wants Names Of Officers Involved In Shootings To Be Withheld

A police department spokesman declined to comment, citing the possible litigation.

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