HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is pouring cold water on a House Republican proposal to balance the state budget without major tax hikes, a plan expected to get a vote in the House next week.

It’s been almost two months since Governor Wolf allowed a new state budget to take effect without an agreement on how to fund it. Since then, Wolf and the Senate have been at odds with House majority Republicans’ aversion to raising taxes.

On Tuesday, a group of rank-and-file House GOP members revealed details of their plan to fund the budget without broad-based tax hikes or borrowing, relying largely on what they say is surplus money in accounts dedicated for special purposes such as public transit that is not included in the general fund budget. Governor Wolf Wednesday called it “nonsense” and “irresponsible.”

“Every dollar that they’ve come up with, as far as I know, is sacrificing some program,” Wolf said.

The governor says without a revenue plan, the state will face a real cash crunch a week from Friday.