By Ukee Washington

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Later this week, a family from Pennsylvania is saying goodbye to its beloved 1989 RV. We were there as contractors and volunteers worked to make the RV into a real home for a family in Texas.

You cannot miss the happy hand-painted Cawley family RV, nicknamed The Funky Waffle.

“People have used it for birthday parties, for tailgating, for concerts,” said Mary Liz Cawley of Chadds Ford.

Mary Liz knew the RV might come in handy for a Harvey victim, so she reached out to friends down south.

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Her husband Bill Cawley explained, “Lizzie just called kinda like, you know, said, ‘I have this RV. l can’t imagine, if you can use it, we’d be happy to try to help.’ And they said, ‘Can you send it right away?'”

Now The Funky Waffle is getting made into a temporary home for the Ottensen family of Houston: mother Sunny, dad Charles, and 6-year-old Vivian. The RV will sit in their driveway while their home is being repaired.

Scott Megill of Megill Homes is donating time and materials to fix up the RV. “We ripped out the carpet. We’re just about to start laying down some laminate floor,” Scott said.

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Students from Unionville High School spent two days painting a Texas-themed greeting along the side: “There’s a mushroom to represent the mushroom capitol of the world. There’s horns for the Lone Star State,” Mary Liz said.

Mary Liz’s nephew, Nick Bramble, knows the RV will get noticed on the road, so he’s taking full advantage to raise funds for the family.

“We wrote a Venmo here, which is a much easier access for people to basically type in. Type in a user name and donate $5, $10, $15,” Nick said.

They hope to get the RV on the road later this week.

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“We don’t know anyone in Houston,” Mary Liz said, “but we’ve got their backs and we’re here for them, and we’ll do whatever we can.”

As they say, Harvey made all of us a little bit Texan.

You can donate in several ways:

They have a GoFundMe page or a fundraising site on Venmo through “FunkyWaffleHouston.”

Extra money raised will go directly to families affiliated with the Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Schools in Houston.

Ukee Washington