By Tim Jimenez

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. (CBS) –– With Labor Day weekend behind us, it’s back to school time at many districts in the region.

It’s day one here at Plymouth Elementary and many of the youngest students are meeting Kristin Hartel for the first time. She teaches kindergarten. What’s the game plan for the first day?

“Is to keep everybody in one place and not lose any kindergarten ducklings,” said Hartel.

While she makes sure her students are alright, her 8-year-old son Will enters third grade with some catching up to do with some of his favorite people he didn’t get to see in the summer.

“Well yeah, there are a lot of friends I look forward to seeing again back here,” said Hartel.

Back at a school that had a makeover during the summer says principal Rosemarie Gregitis.

“We got four new classrooms. We got a bigger gym. The lighting looks great. A new paint job. Everything looks fantastic,” said Gregitis.