PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia is one of a number of cities that saw protests in response to the Trump administration’s announcement that they are ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Now advocates of the DACA protection for America’s Dreamers say they are planing more acts of resistance.

Scores marched from the Department of Justice offices at 2nd and Chestnut Streets to a federal detention center at 7th and Arch streets chanting, “That is not justice.”

Miguel Andrade of Juntos says, “People are angry, they are upset, but they are mostly furious.”

Andrade says he helped organize the Tuesday’s protest, and believes this announcement will activate the immigrant community.

“We’ve done everything they could have asked from us, and they still took it away,” says Maria Casteneda.

Casteneda is a senior at Swarthmore College thanks to DACA, and says she’s frustrated and plans to resist.

“We are ready to organize, I mean we are marching right now,” she said.

Jasmine Sosa, a five-year recipient of DACA, says she was brought to America at 4 years old.

Sosa says she has a message for Congress, “This is my country, I don’t have another country. What if this was your kid?”

Olivia Vasquez, an undocumented immigrant, was brought to America from Mexico 13 years ago by her mother.

“She wanted to provide for me, so out of that love she decided to come here. She was 24 years old. I think that’s the perspective is always left out,” said Vasquez.

Vasquez’s mother worked in a restaurant to support Olivia as a child with the hope to give her better opportunities in life.

DACA allowed Vasquez herself to work legally in the U.S. and afford tuition for college.

She’s now a college graduate and community organizer.

“We are here, we are awoke, and we know what this administration is trying to do,” she said.

Vasquez is still working toward citizenship, but with DACA being rescinded, she could lose all she has worked for and all her mother has sacrificed.

She shared her story at the rally to send a message to the Trump administration.

“We are not afraid, and even if DACA goes away we have to remember we are the ones who made DACA happen in the first place,” said Vasquez.

More acts of resistance are planned in cities across Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and nationwide beginning Wednesday.