By David Madden

WINSLOW TOWNSHIP. N.J. (CBS) — A South Jersey police department is asking residents and businesses alike to let them know if they have surveillance cameras.

Winslow Township is cranking up its Electronic Eye program.The idea is to be ready before the need for assistance arises after a crime is committed.

“If we could make something, a voluntary registry system, residents and business owners could go on to our website and fill out the registration form so that we would then have a database of all of the surveillance systems that people would want to make us aware of,” Police Lieutenant Chris Dubler told KYW Newsradio.

There is no way the department can just tap into your system if you sign up. This only tells them where the systems are located. You’d be asked to help if and when there is a need.

Lindenwold has a similar program in place.

To sign up for the Winslow initiative click here.