By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The future of the Italian Market mural of former Philadelphia mayor and police commissioner Frank Rizzo is in jeopardy as the most recent bouts of vandalism has made upkeep extremely expensive.

“The mural is getting fixed a we speak,” said Jane Golden executive director of Mural Arts Philadelphia.

She says this fix is the second time in three months that vandals defaced the Rizzo mural at 9th and Montrose.

The first time was in May the second time was last month when vandals sprayed white paint on the picture of Rizzos face; and wrote the words “Kill, killer cops.”

Fixing it costs big dough, making the mural not only one of the most vandalized, but also one the most expensive to keep up.

“It’s thousands of dollars, which is why we have to have a conversation with the community about the future of this mural,” she said.

Golden says Mural Arts has already reached out to leaders in the Italian Market and Bella Vista section of South Philadelphia.

“This particular mural is beloved by some and not by others,” she said.

Golden says the conversations on the murals future will take place this fall.