By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Despite less than ideal weather conditions, the show goes on at ‘Made In America’, as the two-day music concert takes over the Ben Franklin parkway for a sixth year.

For some, the rain and unseasonably cool temperatures made the Labor Day weekend music festival feel like it was taking place in late fall, instead of summer.

And that dampened some people’s concert experience.

“It was miserable, it was cold and wet,” one man said. “I just hated the rain, that was like the worst part. Look at my Vans they were brand new.”

For others, the rain and mud, produced a hedonistic experience.

“Some people are taking their clothes off,” said another woman. “It’s just fun, everybody’s just more in their skin, to enjoy the weather.

Many of the concert goers say, they are really impressed how the stage crew and artists prepped and performed despite mother nature’s rainy disposition.