By Dr. Brian McDonoughSponsored By Independence Blue Cross

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Labor Day Weekend is certainly a great opportunity for families to get together and barbecue. There are certain health risks that you must remember.

The most important one is the fact that the roads will be full of people driving to and from celebrations. A concern is those who have consumed alcohol and got behind the wheel. The hope is that people will use designated drivers and not put themselves and others at risk. I

If you take to the road, please make sure that you are not drinking alcohol and have your family buckled in.

The other important point is related to the barbecue: please remember that if foods are not refrigerated they can rapidly become a health issue. Food poisoning is a major reason why people go to the emergency room on Labor Day Weekend, and despite the fact we make our best efforts to warn people, they find themselves suffering and, in rare cases, even have to be admitted to the hospital.