By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — September is National Recovery Month, and a North Philadelphia non-profit has organized a week of activities to kick it off.

It’ll begin with a Sunday morning prayer service at the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ, followed by a Back to School Block Party on Thursday.

“People believe that you can’t recover off of drugs and alcohol, but that is a lie,” said Mel Wells, President of One Day At A Time, or ODAAT, a group that helps low-income Philadelphians recover from addiction and HIV.

Wells’ late father started the program after recovery from years of addiction.

ODAAT services tens of thousands of people a year, and these individuals will give back during Recovery Week to prove recovery is possible.

“A lot of our individuals wind up working for places like the Water Department; some are alumni who run their own businesses now, some work in City Hall,” said Wells.

On Friday ODAAT will host a recovery breakfast, and on the 19th they’ll be part of the recovery walk.

More information can be found at the One Day At A Time website.