By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — About 3 million american men are living with prostate cancer and survival depends on early detection. The month of September, which starts Friday is all about raising awareness.

Wednesday’s event had a simple game plan, men need to huddle up with their doctors.

Carl Baylor can have fun now, taking selfies with his three kids but just three years ago, doctors said he wouldn’t live long after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

‘Never thought something like that happen to me,” Baylor said.

But with chemo and radiation, he beat the odds. And Baylor is now, with his wife, able to be part of a prostate cancer awareness campaign sponsored by NFL Films and alumni.

Former Philadelphia Eagles standouts Jon Runyan and Mike Quick were among the former players talking about the importance of PSA screenings for prostate cancer.

“We want to make sure men are aware,” Quick said.

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The former wide receiver has a long family history of prostate cancer, which includes his father and grandfather.

“It’s all around my family, so I understand the importance,” Quick explained. “So I had screening done two months ago. I make sure it’s a regular thing.”

Annual PSA blood tests can saves lives.

An issue that doctors say is especially important for African American men, because they have higher rates of prostate cancer and it’s more deadly.

“Wish I had  PSA check earlier, unfortunately I didn’t,” Baylor said. “But I know it can help save lives. Any type way I could help save another life, that’s why I’m here for.

Baylor was just 45 when he was diagnosed. Prostate cancer usually strikes older men. But that’s why it’s so important for men to talk to their doctors about when they should be screened. It can save your life.

Stephanie Stahl