By David Madden

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — New Jersey politicians remember all too well that members of Congress from Texas dragged their feet in providing aid when Hurricane Sandy hit the Garden State with a vengeance almost five years ago.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak, there seems to be no desire to do likewise in the wake of Harvey.

Mind you, the pain is still there.

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Gov. Chris Christie reminded reporters at an event on Monday.

“The congressional members from Texas are hypocrites, and I said back in 2012 they’d be proven to be hypocrites. It was just a matter of time,” said Christie.

But Christie is urging the New Jersey delegation to approve Harvey aid as soon as possible.

Republican Frank LoBiondo is in agreement.

“I will be fully supporting the emergency supplemental for the victims of this current disaster,” LoBiondo told KYW Newsradio, “but also taking the time to remind my colleagues who were so callous towards the needs of our residents in Sandy that this is not the way to do business.”

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Camden County Democrat Donald Norcross concurs, saying in a printed statement, “We will never move forward  as a country if we hold grudges. Let’s put partisanship and geography aside and remember that we’re in it together.”

And this e-mailed response from Burlington County Republican Tom MacArthur.

“It’s critical that we provide emergency relief for families affected by this storm so they can begin to rebuild their lives and their communities,” said MacArthur.

Red Cross Call Center In Philly Helping Answer Calls From Hurricane Harvey Victims

How quickly an aid package is approved is up to congressional leadership.