By Joe Holden

SOMERDALE, NJ (CBS) — The Somerdale Police Department is asking for the public’s help after a man goes on tire slashing spree to emergency vehicles in Camden County.

Kevin Pritchett’s been going non-stop.

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His regular customers now on hold at the family towing company, Wayne’s Auto Service.

“Quick turnover,” he said. “Get them back on the road, out there doing good.”

It was sometime around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, when Somerdale Police say a man slashed nearly all of the tires on 13 cars, mostly police cruisers.

And the fire department wasn’t spared either.

“It’s heartbreaking that anybody would stoop to that level for what,” Fire Marshal Joe Garufi said. “It’s unfathomable to me. I don’t get it.”

The lifting and chaining went on for hours. Even some personal cars were targeted.

Neighbors like Mike Mather puzzled at the vandalism just across from his home.

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“I can’t understand why a person would do this,” Mather said. “Of course it puts a dent in their ability for police to respond, so it’s really unfortunate.”

Police Chief Anthony Campbell said he was sickened.

“Somebody’s very angry with police. To do this to every vehicle in this parking lot, they had a mission,” said Campbell.

The total cost of damage is roughly $9,100.

“It’s kind of a scary would we live in now, and people do stuff like this just to do it because they get angry or something,” Garufi said.

The question of why — why hit this as the Camden County Police Department is still hanging in the balance.

“And these guys out here serving and protecting the town and somebody would do this,” Pritchett said. “Whether they’re unhappy with the police or not.”

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Police say surveillance footage shows the suspect to be a tall, thin, bald male wearing red sneakers.

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Anyone with information connected to this incident is asked to contact police.