By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A West Philadelphia woman is getting national attention after publishing an op-ed in the Washington Post.

She was detained by secret service this month following a protest inside of Trump Tower.

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“We wanted to do something pretty spectacular,” said activist and organizer Melissa Byrne.

She says she joined a protest scheme August 15th, the same day President Donald Trump was set to hold a press conference.

The goal: drop a 10-foot banner that reads “Women Resist White Supremecy.” Byrne entered Trump Tower with the banner under her dress and went to the second floor- she rolled it out at the perfect moment.

“It was great, until the officer came up to me and says you can’t do that- he pulls it and I fall down,” Byrne said.

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Byrne says she was handcuffed and questioned by NYPD and Secret Service for an hour.

“They asked me ‘have you ever had tried to commit suicide- do you have mental health issues?'” said Byrne.

After signing a release for her medical records, Byrne was let go. Days later she discovered Secret Service began questioning her neighbors.

“That’s like really scary and intimidating and a waste of our resources,” Byrne said.

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Byrne says claims she’s a “non-violent, political person” and this incident will not stop her protests.