By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– It was only the last century when family outings were called, “Sunday Drives.”

KYW’s Jay Lloyd relives the experience.

We only had one relative who owned a car. So the Sunday drive was special, especially riding in the “Rumble Seat.” In the 1930’s and 40’s some cars were equipped with a seat where the trunk should be. That’s where the kids rode. It was a thrill.

rumble seat 2 Sunday Drive Getaway

Credit: Jay Lloyd

We never went for more than a 3 hour round trip. We went on Sundays and always avoided the shore traffic. Although in those days there weren’t many cars or roads. So, where are the best bets for a Sunday Drive today in the Philly area? I really like heading out to Pennsylvania Dutch country.

buggy Sunday Drive Getaway

Credit: Jay Lloyd

Try route 23.Traffic is light, the scenery is uniquely rooted in a less hurried era, and now as then, the kids will know, there’ll be a roadside ice cream stop. Then there’s a scenic ramble along the Delaware on River Road to shop in New Hope and stop at Lumberville for a couples’ brunch at the riverside Black Bass Hotel. Sorry, no rumble seats today. But maybe a cousin with a convertible.

new hope street Sunday Drive Getaway

Credit: Jay Lloyd