By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says he’ll ask the Art Commission to make the decision on the statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo, but first, he has to figure out what to ask them to decide.

Upon studying the never-before-used policy on de-accessioning public art, city spokeswoman Lauren Hitt says the Mayor realized he’d have to make a specific request to the Art Commission: remove the statue, or relocate it and to where, specifically.

So the city has set up a web page to get ideas for what should happen to it. Hitt stresses it’s not a poll, but an aid for formulating the proposal the mayor makes to the Commission.

“It’s really meant to give everyone an opportunity to be heard, for this hopefully to be a thoughtful process and to hear from different Philadelphians ideas that could help bring people together around this really contentious issue,” Hitt said.

The web page asks that you consider the cost and feasibility of your idea. The deadline for submissions is September 15th.