PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police have arrested a man they say stabbed a 7-Eleven clerk during a violent attack in Center City last weekend.

It happened around 6:30 a.m. Sunday along the 1300 block of Market Street.

Credit: Philadelphia Police

Police say 47-year-old Nathan Hack walked into the store and asked for a pack of cigarettes. After the cashier bagged the cigarettes, Hack asked for five more packs. Police say when Hack was told the price of the additional cigarettes he pulled a large knife from his pocket and attempted to stab the clerk in the head.

Authorities say Hack then jumped on the counter and slashed the cashier in the head, neck and shoulder. The clerk fought back and was able to knock Hack off the counter and on to the floor. That’s when, police say, Hack fled the store, leaving the knife, a black hooded jacket and the cigarettes behind.

The clerk was taken to Hahnemann Hospital in stable condition.

Hack, who police say is currently homeless, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with robbery, aggravated assault, theft and simple assault.