By Jim Donovan

NEW YORK (CBS) — Samsung unveiled it’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8, at an event in New York. It has several new features including the largest screen ever on a note device.But the company isn’t just selling updated technology – it’s also trying to reassure customers it’s safe.

In 2016 some buyers of the Galaxy Note 7 saw their phones catch fire because of defective batteries.

The entire line was taken off the market and Samsung lost billions .

“That was a huge black eye for Samsung,” Dan Ackerman, CNET section editor, explained. “They really had to spend this past year hitting the reset button and trying to make sure consumers would trust the brand again.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners Disappointed, Not Angry

The Galaxy Note 8 comes with curved edges and a new “S” pen. The phone also has two 12 mega pixel cameras, one wide angle and the other is telephoto.  And when you take a picture, the phone stores both.

Releasing the Note 8 now gives Samsung a jump start on the competition. Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 8 next month.

“This is the real flagship, so they want to make sure they make a good impression with this,” Ackerman said.

It’s also a key time for sales because Samsung believes millions of Americans have older smartphones and are ready to upgrade.

In the US, pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 start tomorrow.

The phone will be in stores starting September 15.