By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A trip to the Caribbean without taking a step outside the Delaware Valley.

Music, dancing, crafts, and clothing all played a major part at the 31st Annual Philadelphia Caribbean Festival on Sunday at Penns Landing, but for many it’s the food that stole the show.

“We have our special, wonderful jerked chicken, then we have a special rice and peas with ox tails, curry goat, curry chicken, a lovely macaroni pie, and also a wonderful bacon salt fish,” said one food vendor, showing off their menu.

A food vendor at the Caribbean Festival. (credit: Justin Udo)

Many of the people who came say the Caribbean atmosphere and warm tempertatures almost made them forget where they were.

“You can take a vacation without leaving the Philadelphia area. It’s free festive fun,” said one attendee.

(credit: Justin Udo)

Festival-goers say it’s a great educational experience on Caribbean places like Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, and Hondorus.

“It’s a beautiful thing. Me personally, I always love learning about different cultures,” said another attendee.

Money raised from the event goes to a scholarship fund benefiting Caribbean american students perusing higher education.