By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — How will animals react during the upcoming eclipse? You can help experts figure than out through your observations.

“There is very little scientific documentation of animal behavior during eclipses,” said Dr. Andy Baker, COO for the Philadelphia Zoo.

He says guests are invited to view the eclipse and observe what is going on around them, for no one is quite sure how the animals will react.

“We will be selling eclipse glasses for anybody who wants them, but also an opportunity to watch what animals do, and provide your anecdotal observations to us to help us fill in the pieces of what is a poorly understood phenomenon,” Baker said.

You’ll be able to report your findings to the Philadelphia Zoo employees or participate in a broader international effort way of an app a called “iNaturalist.”

“So we can take those anecdotal pieces, but by layering those all together come up with a much better picture on how animals experience an eclipse,” said Baker.