By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– The Pennsylvania Commission on Human Relations is seeing an uptick in report of hate incidents in the past few months – what’s surprising is who they’re finding to be the most common aggressors.

“This division has been very busy,” said Joanne Edwards, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Human Relations.

The agency now gets 4-5 reports of hate incidents a week – up from 2 to 4 per month since the Election.

She says a little reported fact is that young people, specifically in schools, are the most likely to use hate messages.

“When you have any type of climate that involves hate and it’s looked upon as being acceptable, some kids feel that is their right then to act the same way,” said Edwards.

The Commission launched SPIRIT program to go inside Pennsylvania schools to deal with race issues.

Robin Burstein of the Philadelphia Anti-Defamation League says they have signed up 120 “no place for hate” schools and materials to educate teachers and families.

“To be able to have conversations with their kids about it… to be able to have classroom conversations about it,” said Burstein.

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