3pm- In 2009, historian and activist Howard Zinn wrote a piece entitled “Untold Truths About the Revolutionary War” in which he argued that the cause for the American Revolution was unjust. 

3:20pm- While being interviewed by Charlie Rose, Rev. Al Sharpton stated that monuments of Thomas Jefferson should not be funded by the public.

4:10pm- On CNN, Don Lemon did his best to gloss over the many flaws of Antifa. 

4:20pm- Stu Bykofsky, author and columnist, joins the show to discuss his new article on Philly.com, “Take Down Rizzo Statue? Fine, But Don’t Stop There.”

5:10pm- On MSNBC, Stephanie Rhule and Steve Schmidt argued that Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is a prop being used by Donald Trump. 

5:20pm- In Dallas, a predominantly African American group has decided to protect Confederate monuments. The group has argued that removing the statues won’t erase racism or change what happened in the past.