Philadelphia (CBS) – Monday’s total solar eclipse has brought about a range of news stories, such as protecting your pets’ eyes when out watching the eclipse, and being safe if you’re out driving during the eclipse.

Harvard Physicist Dr. Michael Guillen spoke with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210, saying that maybe these stories come from past experiences where eclipses, like this, usually terrified people. However, the eclipse is an amazing event. 

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“The reason we even have total solar eclipses is because by some divine coincidence, the size of the moon, the distance of the moon from the Earth, and the distance of the sun from all of us is just right. It’s not too big and not to small. It’s just right to blot out the photosphere which is the bright part of the sun.”

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You might be able to even see some stars shine brighter when the eclipse happens. They’re always there, but usually get outshone by the sun. And as far as the sun’s life span? Guillen says the sun is a middle-aged star, as stars go in the universe.  

“We think it’s about 4 to 5 billion years old and it has another 4 to 5 billion years left in it.”

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In the meantime, since eclipses don’t happen that often in the United States, Guillen encourages us all to get an ISO-approved pair of sunglasses, step out, and watch this amazing event.