PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The countdown is on for millions eager to see the upcoming total solar eclipse.

“There is no scientific evidence, well-documented evidence about what is going to happen to pets,” Dr. Carlo Siracusa of Penn Vet hospital said.

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Siracusa is among many veterinarians being bombarded with questions from concerned pet owners.

He’s studied animal behavior for 15 years say likely.

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There’s one condition that will determine if your pet will have a reaction to the rare natural phenomenon on Monday.

“If they have learned some association with it getting darker, they will show that behavior or at a minimum they get confused because the time-frame does not correspond,” Dr. Siracusa said.

She added, “You might put the blinds down, but not exactly when the dark is coming but when it is still light.”

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While us humans may be eager to see the upcoming total solar eclipse, vets recommend creating an environment for your pets where they don’t even know the rare phenomenon is happening.